The attorneys at Georgeadis||Setley also have extensive experience representing both lenders and borrowers in general commercial finance transactions, as well as in commercial, industrial and real estate development transactions.  Typically, we analyze and negotiate proposed loan structures so that all financing options are considered and explored and insure that the loan terms accomplish the objectives of our clients.  Generally, we prepare all loan and security documentation necessary and appropriate to successfully complete the transaction.

In various roles we have represented a diverse list of financial institutions, including Santander, Customers Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, M&T Bank, VIST Bank, Fulton Bank, Fleetwood Bank, Citizens and Northern Bank, First National Bank of Pennsylvania, National Penn Bank, Metro Bank, N.A., Susquehanna Bank PA, Royal Bank of Pennsylvania, G. E. Capital Small Business Finance Corp., and RBC Capital Markets, LLC.

In other situations, we represent borrowers seeking significant capital for many different types of projects.  These may include funding for real estate development projects (both residential and commercial), industrial development authority loans, capital expansions and mergers and acquisitions. Many times these finance transactions do not involve financial institutions, but rather constitute raising capital through private placements, limited partnerships, joint ventures and similar arrangements.  Here again, our primary responsibilities include the structure of the transaction, analysis and negotiation of loan documents, and assessment of the best financing structures to accomplish the client’s objectives.  These types of projects involve the broadest spectrum of the firm’s business clients and may range in size from a few hundred-thousand dollars to a multimillion-dollar financing.

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